Pilgrimage – Beauty

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If the culmination of this week’s events are true, the possibilities are endless!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Belizean Prophets, The Great Economy, and Undercover Boss.

Undocumented Immigrants of the Bible….

The Kingdom of God is like a football team….

Marketing and the Restless Ache…

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Marketing and the Restless Ache….

In August of 2008, I took a sabbatical trip to Colorado…my goal was to hike to Brown’s Lake near Salida and set up a base camp. From base camp I would climb nearby 14ers Shavano, Tabeguache, and Antero.

Brown’s Lake, elevation +/- 11,260 ft.

Establishing a base camp for five days requires a lot of supplies. The only way to get them up to Brown’s Lake was to strap them on my back and carry. After day one of a very heavy pack and six miles of ascent, my left knee decides to lock up in the middle of the night. By morning it loosened up a little but we decided to scrap all summit attempts, Tab was first on the list, for the sake of my knee. Tabeguache rebuff number one…

In case you were wondering, I did make it back down after an amazing week of chillin’ at Brown’s Lake. This video is my testimony…and the most viewed on my YouTube account: